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The"Original group" that puts on events for the all ages community in Chicago and surrounding ares. Goth/Deathrock/Elektro/Indeadstrial and Punk music and other special genres of music. Dj's, vendors, fashion designers, photographers, videographers,artists, piercers, fetish organizers, bands, performance artists and other media sources in the liberal arts. All welcome to join, we are based in Chicago. Kevin Ultra was the ORIGINAL founder of this group and has been doing events since the 80's, Michelle Russo has been putting on events since 92 doing bookings, cd giveaways for Metropolis Records, Underground Inc, Projekt Records and Wax Trax 11, and other myspace bands,as well hosting these events and now her OWN private parties.DJ Chemist guest Djs for our events, Dj Jander Vk has guest djed our events since 2001 and has DJed other events and has recently put on 1 of his OWN events. Cassandra dj's her OWN events since 2005 and streeteams for our group and sets up ALL of our events, Ig (Bio Carbon 13) is the main funding for our events and also organizes our events and his band plays on occasion for us and last but not least Dave from C3 also puts on separate events at C3. Anyone else not listed is NOT part of our group and if they are misrepresenting our name please post on this group. We are proude to announce new recruits to our company Darksoundgoth,websiteadministrator, and mass-mailer Erick (Dungeon Master Erick) Johnson-organizer of all fetish events and mass-mailer for our events.
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